Top 10 Android Apps 2021- Most unique apps for android

In this post, I am going to share the Top 10 Android Apps 2021. Read the complete article to know about some of the apps that might help you a lot.

1. Sweepy: Home Cleaning Schedule

Sweepy is a really nicely designed app that helps to clean and organized a home. You have to set up the various rooms around your house and fill them up with the various jobs that need to be completed in that particular area and how regularly each of the jobs needs to be completed. Once everything is set up the app will then provide you with a visual guide as to how your house is tracking in regards to cleanliness. There are other features worth checking out as well that need to upgrade to the premium version. For full feature refer to the description of this app, which is very well explained there like room cleanliness tracking, divide the tasks amount home members, Important cleaning task options, and much more. The  Size of the app 34MB, the Installs are 100,000+, 2422 reviews with a rating of 4.6.

2. Hey Note – notepad & memo:

Hey note is not your average note-taking application. This app actually allows you to write notes that stick to your phone’s wallpaper, so for those who absolutely need to make sure they don’t forget something. So this is a pretty solid solution and also provide a bunch of customizations within the app (some in premium version). Remember the good old days when pretty much every single Android device had a notification. LED and AOD notifier utilizes your phone’s punch hole to bring back this beloved feature. There are actually two versions that you can get one for Samsung’s phones and the other for OnePlus but they do the same thing. Anytime you receive a notification a little ring will pulse around your phone’s punch hole to let you know that you’ve got a notification. It got Reviews are 16 with a Rating of 4.1, size is 2.3MB, and total installs are 1k+.

3 . Bluetooth audio device widget

As the name indicates the app allows you to place really useful Bluetooth-related widgets right onto your home screen. For example, you could have different widgets set up to each of the different Bluetooth devices you have paired and then having to dig into your settings every time to reconnect to a different device. Now you can just tap on your desired widget or even better is that you can even set up a widget so that after tapping on it not only will it connect to your specific device of choice but it will also then open up Spotify and start applying automatically.

The app saves your time in connecting to other devices because normally you go through steps to access Bluetooth and this app is the best solution to directly access Bluetooth. For full features and supported devices read the description of this app. The app is free to use but if you want to remove the ads then you have to upgrade. The app got 3k reviews with a rating of 4.0, Size 25MB, and Installs 1M+.

4. STOKiE – Stock HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

STOKiE is on number four in the Top 10 Android Apps 2021 list, a wallpaper app filled with just about every stock wallpaper that comes pre-loaded onto any and every smartphone device. So you’ve got your IOS wallpapers, google pixel wallpapers, and oneplus Vivo oppo. All stock wallpapers are included in this app and it’s even got the recently launched galaxy s21 lineup of wallpapers. So it stays well and truly on top of all of the latest releases and the app also lets you customize each of these wallpapers as well. You can blur, adjust their colors or their contrast and it really does allow you to make your own wallpapers that still have that beautifully designed and familiar look to them.

STOKiE includes 5000+ HD wallpapers with sharing options, home screen and lock screen set options, constantly adding new wallpapers, and many more sittings. STOKiE includes stock wallpapers from these Categories: Alcatel, Alcatel, Apple/iPhone, Android OS, Asus, Blackberry, BLU, Coolpad, CoolShow, Custom ROM, Elephone, FlymeOS, Gionee, Google Pixel, Hisense, HTC, Huawei, Infinix, InFocus, IUNI, Jolla Sailfish, Lenovo, LG, Material, Meitu, Meizu, Micromax, Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Razer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, Vivo, Vodafone, Xiaomi, YunOS, and ZTE Nubia.

5. Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper

If you want to go a little more out of the box then Hypno Clock is a live wallpaper application that is visually stunning. If you’re into mechanical watches, gears, moving parts, or even just the idea of having a super unique looking lock screen and home screen then this is the app for you. You can dive in and customize the colors of each and every little component or the speed of the various moving parts. there are other customizations as well and it really is an impressive wallpaper app that also keeps track of the time. For full customization and features read the app description on google play. Reviews of the app are 10k+ with a rating of 4.6, size of the app is 3.3MB and Downloads are 500k+.

6. WaveUp

You ever wanted to just wave your hand over your phone and have it wake up? Well, WaveUp is an android application that lets you do exactly that and it is completely free. WaveUp switches the screen on when you touch the proximity sensor. This app is developed with the intention to avoid pressing the mobile phone’s power button again and again. I am not going to discuss fully how it works, just click on the app link, and all the details of this app is provided on google play by the developer in the description of this WaveUp app. This app got 1M+ download, the size of this app is 2.1MB, the Rating is 3.9 and reviews are 9 thousand.

7. Eye Reminder – Reminds to take breaks for eyes

Whenever you use a phone or a computer screen or any sort of technology device, you actually tend to blink less actually cause issues with your eyes. So Eyeblink is an outrageously simple app that places a little animated eye at the top of your screen every few seconds, which reminds you to blink super simple. The app helps you to prevent eye damage and improve your vision health. The app got 1k review, 4.3 ratings, Size is 6.7MB, and Installs 50k+.

8. OLEDBuddy

In this list If you have a phone with an OLED panel then you might already know that if you use a black wallpaper or partially black wallpaper, it can actually help to save your phone some battery life. In this list of Top 10 Android Apps 2021, OLEDBuddy is an app that analyzes any given image and shows you just how much of it is actually true black you can then use the app to further darken those dark parts of the image to ensure that they are actually black. So you can easily know that you are actually using a wallpaper that will save you some battery.

The black colors images are very great for OLED screens, the black color reduces some pixels and gives you good battery life. OLEDBuddy app actually indicates the truly black pixels in images, showing the percentage of black color and finally can convert images to true black. While customizing an image there is a feature that allows you to live preview before saving an image. The app got 233 reviews with a rating of 4.7, size is 1.3MB, and total installs are 10k+.

9. Priorities: The most effective to-do list

The priorities app is really simple in its functionality. The idea is that rather than overcomplicating and over organizing our task lists, Instead, we use this app to mindfully focus on 3 to 5 of the most impactful tasks that are going to help us to reach our goals. You save time by not over organizing your life and yet you still get things done. An interesting concept for sure and a nicely designed app. The Size of the app is 25MB, total downloads are  10,000+,  reviews 128 with rating 4.3,

10. Notally

If you’re looking for a more traditional method of taking notes and staying organized then you might want to consider Notally instead. This is a fairly good note-taking app in terms of functionality but in all honesty, there are about a thousand different note-taking apps that you can find on the google play store. Many of which just have to put bluntly fairly lackluster designs and Notally looks good whilst doing what it says on the box. This app got 232 reviews with a rating of 4.5, Size 2.1MB, and Installs are 5k+.

If you enjoyed this Top 10 Android Apps 2021 review then share it with others and if you have any other best suggestions of apps then let me know.


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