Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specifications Complete Review

In this post, we are going to do the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review. It’s an incredibly good phone and has a lot of specifications not clearly defined in the spec sheet a lot of subtle tweaks and changes that turn this phone from a really good phone to a great one. The Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is really nice clean flat smooth black finish on glass and a slightly different texture on the metal housing around the cameras and typical glossy black around the edges but the whole look of this phone is very intentional.

The camera module curves into the body of the phone the way it looks like an overlay of another Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra on top of the first one and really worst thing about it is that it’s still uneven. This matte black has been shockingly good at rejecting fingerprints so that’s sweet something you might have noticed also is Samsung has a carbon fiber weave in the camera module for like every other color of this phone except for phantom black for some reason. The Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is actually the same phone it’s got a lot of the same big numbers but there’s a lot of small intangibles, a lot of small adjustments that they’ve made and this phone feels more like an MKBHD edition phone.

The phone has got 1440p resolution and 120 hertz, it gets even brighter up to 1500 nits.  it’s viewable in pretty much any conditions and its refresh rate between 10-120 hertz to save battery. This phone is big in size as compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max but has actually a smaller footprint and next to the Oneplus 8 pro it’s still huge but doesn’t seem so overbearingly massive.  The galaxy Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra going from a 6.9-6.8 inch display and also the fingerprint sensor is switched to a newer generation. The under-display fingerprint reader and that reader is noticeably bigger.

The larger sensor area by itself makes the experience of using fingerprint sensors all the time much less frustrating.  It has 12 or 16 gigs of ram depending on which specifications you get. Fast UFS 3.1 storage not expandable which is technically a downgrade from last year, high refresh rate displays and 5000 milliamp hour battery. This phone is clearly a flagship performer on paper but off paper there are a lot of improvements. This phone probably makes a more meaningful difference to the user experience versus just the bleeding edge specs.

Firstly, you will notice with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the new volume control, the new notification grouping on top of android. Just an overall cleaner aesthetic and organization to things like that the stock apps and the improved dark mode looks great, OLED display and can actually net you a little bit of extra battery life but also the google discover page to the side of the home screen and Samsung’s launcher. Speaking of battery, we again have an ultra-number, it’s 5 000 milliamp hours and that looks great on paper but in practice had a very good battery experience. Now the thing to note which is an ongoing conversation is the QUALCOMM snapdragon chip experience.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cameras

Let’s talk cameras they are a big part of the ultra-phone experience both figuratively and literally speaking so they hit all the checkboxes of big ultra-numbers again 108 megapixels, 100 times zoom 8k video all that stuff. The experience has actually changed more than the photo quality, photo quality is still roughly what we’d expect from a high-end Samsung phone and there are more changes to how you get to that photo and video. When you first open the camera app Samsung asks you if you want to take natural or bright selfies instead of just defaulting to bright.

Results is much more natural selfies from that 40-megapixel camera and when you’re zoomed all the way in on something the camera tries to identify the subject of the photo. You have to try to adjust it probably zoom out and zoom back in but when it correctly picks your subject it’s great the results are still insane and not super usable. In this new version, you have the laser autofocus added to fix the autofocus issues.  The camera app also now auto-detects when you’re trying to take an extreme close-up and switches to macro but it’s not a separate macro camera as you may have noticed this phone doesn’t have one because it doesn’t need one, it uses the ultra-wide camera which has autofocus and a super close minimum focus distance. It actually takes really solid quality macros and it does 4k 60fps video from all the cameras including the selfie camera and it’ll shoot 12-bit raw photos in a pro mode which is an awesome capability. You can record video from multiple cameras simultaneously which is enabled by the snapdragon 8 potentially really useful for vlog-style shooting and the use of two telephoto cameras 3x and 10x seemed peculiar at first but actually makes a lot of sense.

The primary camera from 3x to 10x is either on the primary or the second camera just depending on what the lighting situation is and then everything from 10x and beyond is of course on that little periscope camera and that’s delivering some of the best 10x to 30x zoom photos.Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a very impressive phone very.

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