Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus Complete Specifications Review

Enjoy an expansive viewing experience on the Samsung galaxy a8 plus with the Infinity Edge screen. It has a stunning, large curved screen that extends horizontally from top to bottom for an expanded viewing area that you will enjoy seeing. Whether your preference is classic or vibrant, you can select from sleek black to sleek white, and from soft touch to the firm, there is something for everyone. And with the circular curves creating a sturdy, comfortable grip, it is a great phone you will not want to lay down. The Samsung A8 Plus specs are quite impressive overall, especially when you consider it packs such a powerful mobile media player.

With the ability to edit High Definition videos, the Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus provides users with endless opportunities for sharing their lives with others. With the ability to browse through photos, videos, and social media on the Samsung A8 Plus Display, you will never be short on places to go or things to see when you are on the move. And thanks to Samsung’s augmented reality technology, the phone’s interface is easy to use and intuitive for travellers. You can place tickets for a play, find a restaurant, book a hotel, enter a new store, and so much more thanks to the Notebook apps provided by Samsung. With the Samsung A8 Plus, you can even play a game on the travel interface while you wait for your connecting flight!

Samsung has really outdone themselves this time with the Samsung A8+ specifications. While it may still be considered a mini-phone, with a 4.6″ HD display and 1.5GB of memory, the A8 Plus is so much more. For example, the phone comes with a super AMOLED capacitive screen which offers bright colour accuracy as well as ultimate contrast and brightness. The dual front-facing cameras also help to offer clearer pictures and videos. It also supports Samsung’s Gear VR, so you have the chance to take full advantage of playing games and viewing your photos in a whole new way.

While the inside is pretty similar to the iPhone and other smartphones, the actual design and looks of the Samsung A8 Plus are a lot different. While it does not have a home button like the iPhone, instead it has a home key on the top left corner of the screen. This makes it easier for you to locate and use the volume controls, power and navigation buttons.

If you were wondering if the phone has a slot for SIM cards, the answer is no. Samsung has chosen to implement a completely new type of card in this version of the phone. Instead of using the same sized hole as the iPhone, the A8 Plus has a microSD slot that is located at the bottom of the phone. This makes it more convenient for you to insert and remove the card and to choose the right one depending on what you need. As you can imagine, this makes it far easier for you to expand your cellular data plans.

There are many other features in the Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus that differentiate this phone from others. For example, it comes with two physical home keys, which makes it easier to enter text messages. It also comes with a fingerprint scanner, a feature that many handsets now have.

You will find many software programs that come preloaded on this phone. For example, the Samsung Card reader, which is used to access Samsung Pay, Gmail, and many other services. Samsung Internet for TV, which allows you to watch television online, without having to connect to a television. You can even download ring tones to your phone. These are all preloaded features that come included with your purchase. It is very likely that there are other apps you could find for this phone, as well.

The battery life on this phone is pretty good. It should have enough juice to last you through at least several hours of normal usage. It is capable of lasting for about 10 hours in a low state of charge, so if you do constantly use the internet or keep watching movies you should not have any issues. The battery does not seem to drain as fast as some of the higher-end cell phones. In fact, when I downloaded a game to my phone, the battery went out quickly. This is one of the main reasons why this phone is so popular with people who are always on the go.

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