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In this blog post, we will do the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Review including the gaming performance, the camera tech, and all of that good stuff. You will get a sub-type-c cable, an adapter, a porcupine device to get your sim in, and suddenly no case. You have to spunk up a little bit of extra cash for cover. It is actually quite like Samsung’s design, got just a plastic backing so nothing particularly special but it’s got an almost sort of glass vibe as well.

It comes in blue, violet, black and white colors. Many smartphones these days have a separate sort of camera array to house all the lenses. The lenses just actually poked straight out of that back end. So it certainly gives the A32 quite a distinctive look. The lenses don’t poke too far out of the surface, so you shouldn’t have any problem using the A32 just lying flat on the desk.

You’ve got your type c USB port down below a headphone jack quite common on budget-friendly smartphones. You’ve got an edge-mounted fingerprint sensor right there with the built-in power button. When you come to stick your sim inside of the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, you have got two sim slots. Although the second one does also double up as a micro SD memory card slot. There’s no water or dust resistance on the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G sadly. You’ll have to bump up your budget a bit if you’re on the proper IP rate and dust/water resistance.

The good news is that it’s actually the latest version of Android i.e android 11 plus a nice bit of one UI version 3.1 as well. So you’re all fresh and up to date just like you would be if you grab the S21 flagships. Anyone who had a Samsung phone before will know how one UI works. It adds quite a lot of bonus features on top of android.

You’ve got much greater customization including some custom themes that you can set up and just to completely change the look and the feel of your desktops. You’ve got lots of gesture control thrown in there including the very useful one-handed mode, which is great if you’ve got tiny little stubby fingers and thumbs. All you need to do is just swipe down the bottom edge of the display.

You still get some of Samsung’s excellent Knox security features slapped on the Galaxy A32 5G. Unfortunately, with S21 flagship smartphones, you also get a buttload of duplication on the A32 5G as well including two web browsers, You’ve got Samsung to pay on top of google pay, you got the likes of smart things for controlling all of your smart home goodies as well and it’s absolutely fine if you know you’re fully on board with the Samsung e-core system but if you use the android alternatives. It’s just extra clutter all of the other features you would hope and expect to find on a smartphone around the 250-pound price point are present. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Review of different parts is discussed below.


Well, Samsung’s been a little bit stingy on that phone for storage because you only get 64 gigs in this model and there is no option to upgrade. But at least you do have that micro SD memory card support if you only have a single sim slapped inside of the Galaxy A32 5G. So you can slap in a memory card of up to 1 terabyte giving you plenty of expandability. Something that you don’t even get those big bollocks s21 flagship phones.


You get some security features on the A32 5G,  you also get an edge-mounted fingerprint sensor for actually unlocking your device, which is always great to see touchwood. On the a32 you don’t actually need to push in the power button or anything literally just gently tap your finger against the sensor. Another alternative unlocking option on A32 is the fierce unlock using that selfie cam. As long as the light is right that seems to do the job nicely. It’s actually kind of almost nostalgic to see a nipple notch in 2021.


It got 6.5 inches plus display, which is surrounded by fairly thick bezels especially down below similar to IPS technology. So you can expect sort of slightly poppy colors nothing too eye-gouging vibrant or vivid like you would get from an OLED display. The top brightness levels are not exactly eye-searing and are all right for a fairly sunny day. The viewing angles again fine but not great. The Samsung galaxy A32 display has a 720p HD panel, not full HD. So you don’t get the finer detail levels when you’re browsing your photo collection or just enjoying Netflix or whatever.

Although at least you do get a widevine l1 support. That means you can stream HD quality content on Netflix but considering that a lot of budget rivals. Even those that are 50 to 100 pounds cheaper comes with full HD visuals. Sadly, there’s no 90-hertz refresh rate option on the A32, again a fairly common feature on budget smartphones.

It’s a single bottom-mounted speaker and the volume has reasonable clarity. On the top volume levels be absolutely fine for enjoying YouTube, Netflix, or whatever. If you are going to be listening to some music, you’ll want to slap a headphone into the bottom, otherwise, you’ve got Bluetooth 5 support as well. If you want to go wireless and you do have Dolby support as well.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Review  (Performance) 

The performance of this smartphone certainly does not seem to struggle because you’ve got MediaTek’s dimensionally 720 chipsets launched last year. The Geekbench score is very respectable both on the single-core and multi-core. You’ve got Mediatech and Samsung game launcher feature as well, which basically acts as a hub to access all of your games and gives you a few extra bonus features thrown in a bit of notification block and all that good stuff.

The gaming performance is tested with the call of duty game at medium graphic quality and high frame rate. It was a nice smooth performance, the entire gaming time screen responsiveness is perfect for this kind of frantic run and gun gameplay. The battery is a 5000 milliamp cell that is stuffed inside of the Galaxy A32. So this should hopefully keep you going all day long, no worries even with plenty of gaming, media streaming, and camera play. You got little power-saving modes and it’s only 15 watts charging but is fairly sort of standard for this price point.

On the back end is a QUAD lens setup and that’s headed up by a 48-megapixel primary sensor and certainly from a quick play that seems to be the standard sort of camera UI experience similar to more mid-range to flagship style galaxy devices.

You get Samsung’s AI smarts on the scene optimizer which just helps to pick out what you’re trying to take a picture. It can throw up handy suggestions like you might want to use the night mode for lights a bit low.  It seems to be absolutely fine for everyday snaps as long as the lighting isn’t too tricky. You get quite natural-looking colors and respectable levels of detail. At any point, if you fancy a more pulled-back view of the action while you can swap to that 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens seems to come up a little bit less with trickier lighter conditions but certainly offers up a very different viewpoint. It should be quite good for dramatic action shots.

You’ve also got a 2-megapixel depth sensor on the back of the phone for your portrait shots. This adds a nice style effect in the background really helps your subject to stand out and you can also change the intensity, either before or after you’ve taken the shot, and while you don’t get many bonus modes on this smartphone similar to s21.

The final lens on the back end of this phone is a 5-megapixel macro lens. Samsung usually does pretty well on the video front as well. If you dive into the video mode, there you can shoot at full HD at 30 FPS. Otherwise, you can bump it up to Ultra HD at 30 FPS. It also has an 8-megapixel selfie and this should be absolutely fine again for your everyday Instagram. All that good stuff seems to do a reasonable job even in quite bright conditions, which makes obviously a massive dramatic difference. The portrait mode can produce really nice bucket-style blur and if you fancy yourself as a bit of a vlogger you can shoot full HD 30 fps video with that front-facing shooter too.

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