Nokia C20 Plus Specification Complete Review

Nokia C20 Plus is a mid-sized smartphone that has been launched by the Finland-based manufacturing house Nokia. It has the basic Nokia C20 features that have made it very popular with youngsters. It offers a lot of features and options that can be used to the best advantage by the users. This review will look at Nokia C20 Plus specifications and find out if it has enough power to fight the competition.

Nokia C20 Plus specifications

like many phones in this range – run on Windows Mobile OS 3.5. It comes with standard features like GPS, Wifi, MMS, Bluetooth and camera facilities. The display is quite decent and looks bright and crisp. The only disappointment with the Nokia C20 Plus specifications was the lack of a headphone jack. It comes with dual SIM cards and comes in single and double weights.

The dual-core Nokia C20 Plus comes with a standard list of facilities including wifi, GPRS, USB, micro USB, card reader and memory card slot. One of the best things about the Nokia C20 Plus is that it offers this useful functionality for free. You can connect to the internet using a wifi network as well. Nokia C20 Plus review finds that this device has a decent camera with an eight-megapixel resolution, but the images it takes are a bit low quality. The other aspect that the camera reviews focus upon is the lack of OBD support.

The Nokia C20 Plus has an interesting design which makes it different from the other mobiles in the market. The shape of the body is similar to that of a phone, which is similar in size. It is heavier than the average smartphone but that makes it more comfortable to hold as well. The manufacturer has provided two skins with the Android 11 (go edition) of the Nokia C20+, one of which is water-resistant. This is a nice touch because you don’t want your smartphone to get ruined by rain or even spilled juice.

The grey Nokia C20 Plus comes with a neat round fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor, a barcode scanner, a compass and a USB charging port. The grey model has a sleek metal body and plastic skin. The dual-core processors inside provide sufficient power for all the features and the screen has a crisp display quality. The grey colour of the Nokia C20 Plus is one of the most popular colours in the UK. The graphite black colour looks great and it will help you stay away from the modern mobile phones that have bright, distracting colours.

This smartphone comes with an easy to use interface and no-frills features to mention. The physical home key acts as the fingerprint scanner and the device boots up quickly. The device runs on a quad-core 1 GHz processor, has an Adreno alright processor and comes with an Internal Flash to improve memory. The device also includes a 5-megapixel camera along with other imaging hardware.

This phone camera has got some unique features that are not seen in any other handset. It has got a water-resistant body, a button, an iris, an image filter and also a laser shot photo feature. There’s a standard Nokia C20 Plus camera interface with the likes of Ease of Use on its default settings and a dedicated shortcut for selfies. This handset does not support ODB support. The camera app lets you change your face, your skin tone, your eye colour and also takes a snapshot of your face instantly.

It has a nice design that looks good in pictures and videos but in reality, it is also very practical to use. This handset is not too big, which means that you can easily fit it into your pocket. The grey version is cheaper than the other versions and consumers have rated it highly in its features and performance.

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