Most useful android apps in daily life

In this blog post, you will learn about the “most useful android apps in daily life”. These apps are basically for busy people, using this app you can manage your social media notifications, subscriptions tracking and managing your credit cards, etc.

1.MacroDroid – Device Automation

MacroDroid is the simplest app that automates tasks on your smartphone with the help of a easy to use interface and just some steps. MacroDroid is a seriously impressive app that essentially allows you to automate your life. As an example, you can use the app to switch on your Bluetooth and start playing music as soon as you get into your car or have the wi-fi automatically turn on when you’re nearby to your house. For more options and configurations read the app description.

There is a huge range of triggers and actions to choose from within the app. The interface is really well designed as well. So it makes the setup process quick and fairly easy to understand. This app got 4.4 ratings with 37,959 total reviews, Size of the app is 29M and Installs are 50M plus.

2. Billbot – Invoice and billing app for trades‏

Billbot comes in this is a really well-designed subscription-manager application. In billbot you essentially set up all of the various subscription services that you signed up to within the app and then you can either just use the app as a visual tracker. We can even set up reminders to occur just before the subscription is about to roll over. The app introduction and everything are given in the Urdu language on google play, so it means the owner of the app is from Pakistan. The size of the app is 2.8 MB having 100

3. BuzzKill – Notification Superpowers

Buzzkill is a really helpful app that is essentially designed to help keep your notifications under control. So use this app to create rules that will tell buzzkill what to do with all of the various notifications coming in on your phone. As a basic example, you could set it up so that whenever a notification comes in. Let’s say Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and just between 9 am-5 pm on Saturday and Sunday then buzzkill will dismiss the notifications automatically. But there are loads of other options to choose between and it’s a seriously fantastic app. It does cost a few dollars to buy well worth it

4. Stocard – Rewards Cards Wallet

The final app on the “Most useful android apps in daily life” is list is stocard. Stocard is all about storing your various rewards cards into one easy to access location. So this app is seriously perfect for those who hate carrying around a thick wallet or purse filled with rewards cards that you’ll probably never use again. So with this app, all you do is quickly scan your cards to digitize them, and then you will now always have those cards without having to carry around a wallet.

I hope you enjoyed and learn something new by reading the most useful android apps in daily life blog article.

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