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Hi, everyone welcome to my blog and post is going to be all about the upcoming iPhone 13. This a news of the first month of 2021 and first thing has to do with the next iPhone, the iPhone 13. So this year we got the redesign with the squared off edges. And face ID with the larger notch. However, Mark Gurman is confirming that Apple is considering an under display fingerprint sensor for 2021 iPhones as well as face ID. So instead of having to bring up your phone and look at it when wearing a mask and then putting your passcode, you could just push your thumb down, similar to what we have with say Samsung phones, where they have under the screen fingerprint sensors. So to have both of those combined, maybe even for more secure purchases, I think would be welcomed and so Mark Gurman is backing up what other people have said.

He also did highlight that Apple is working on foldable phones as has been previously reported, but that it would be years away. An Apple usually looks into new technologies, sees what they’re like, sort of prototypes them, tries them out, just like any company would that’s in technology figures out the best way to do it. Whether or not it’s a viable product to sell. So we may see a foldable phone, but it looks like it will be years out according to Mark Gurman and speaking of prototype iPhones.

Apple does prototype things quite a ways out, and then they release them to the public. Once they nail everything down and get it really solid for the consumer. And so the next thing I’ve mentioned before is that Apple may be continuing to work on a next generation iPhone SE that we could see as soon as April. This is the first generation we have the second generation last year, we may see a third generation iPhone SE, there’s still competing rumors on whether or not we’ll see a larger version of this, which would be closer to say a success plus for example, but according to the news, we may see a third generation as soon as April and that goes along with AirPods pro.

So where we have AirPods pro now where they’ve had some issues with recalls and things like that. Apple may give us a second generation version along with that iPhone se as soon as April. We may see a new version of those with a thinner case, like I’ve mentioned before, whether or not the actual AirPod itself will be redesigned as hard to say, but it looks like they’re working on it. Of course we have updated AirPods every few years and so keep your eyes open for that. We should see something like that. Now, according to Apple Insider Apple is working on new cases for iPhones as well.

Many people have been asking, where is the battery case for the iPhone 12 series? We haven’t seen that yet. And Apple is apparently working on new case designs that could also charge your AirPods. So according to this patent, that Apple insider found, you could see sort of some different designs or modular designs where you could combine your AirPods outside of the case. They come with to charge within the iPhone. I’m not sure I would want this necessarily, but I like to see that they’re actually trying different ideas, patenting new ideas, whether or not they ever make these available to the public of course is yet to be seen.

It could be years out, but at least they’re trying some new things. Now Apple has said to be working on a podcast subscription service. Now I personally don’t use the Apple podcast app because I think there’s other alternatives that are better such as overcast and others out there. And so podcasts having a subscription may bring some of those things that we see on Spotify over to the iPhone. Apparently Apple is looking into this. There’s no confirmed things about this, but if we do see it, I would think we’d see it sometime around WWDC in June, where we should see iOS 15. So maybe we’ll see some new services launched along with that maybe earlier than that. But at least if they’re going to launch some new services, there’s usually some time from around June where we see WWDC 20, 21. Now speaking of the next iOS update, I would expect something such as iOS 14.3 0.1 or maybe a similar number as soon as tomorrow.

Now, some people are saying there won’t be an update until iOS 14.4. However, based off last year, there was an update and there’s no longer a version you can go back to prior to iOS 14.3 and generally Apple when they stopped signing previous versions, which they did a week or so ago, we’ll see an update within two weeks for another public version. Generally, there are two versions you can go to whether that be 14.3 or previously 14.2 0.1, there are no longer allowing that. We should see an update fairly soon based on what they’ve done in the past. And so I would look for that along with iOS 14.4, beta three, based on what we’ve had before with a public release of iOS 14.4 in March, based on what they did last year with iOS 13.4.

Based on all of that information, looking at the past couple of years, what they’ve done, look for a public release as soon as this week and a new beta or beta three. Now the big news has to do with max, according to Mark Gurman, who has a really good track record generally when he talks about these things, they usually come to pass. So I would expect these to be pretty accurate and we can expect a 14-inch Mac book pro to replace the current 13.3 inch. Apple did say that they were going to replace all of their Macs with new Apple, Silicon max. And so they released the M1 Mac book pro that I’m holding here as well as the Mac book air and the Mac mini, but that was just the beginning. And so we can expect a 14-inch Mac book pro with a different display.

I’ll talk more about that in a minute, but also additional ports. So we should see some more ports. Now there’s conflicting reports here talking about which ports to expect. So Mark Gurman is just basically mentioning USB-C, but according to Ming Chi Kuo, we could see even more ports. I would love to see another SD card. I don’t think we’ll ever see that again and SD card slot, but also MagSafe being brought back now. It’s a way to connect to the Mac that was magnetic and also charges the new mag safe has said to be able to fast charge, and it’s not the same sort of mag safe that we see on the iPhone, or at least I don’t think it is. So with mag safe on the iPhone, you can magnetically adhere a charger. And that part’s really nice. it was basically an idea on the Mac so that if you kick the cord, it doesn’t disconnect or disconnects from the Mac and your Mac, doesn’t go tumbling off a desk. For example, I miss that sort of connector. Some people don’t like it.

I think using the port is okay, but I prefer the magsafe. So that may be coming back according to reports. However, we should see some more, I would love to see maybe HTMI brought back and an SD card slot, but I’m not going to hold my breath for that. Hopefully we’ll see something like that. But again, a 14-inch form factor and also a 16-inch form factor to replace the current 16, 16 inch. So we should see both of those according to Mark Gurman, we should have a redesign again, conflicting reports. We are expecting a much more squared off design where Mark Gurman is saying expect to redesign, but nothing too dramatic.

So I would tend to say it’s probably less dramatic instead of being super squared off like that of the surface laptop, for example, but expect a redesign. Nonetheless. Now, as far as the internals, of course, we’ll have an M1 chip set or maybe an M2X or M2 something with more power and hopefully a dedicated GPU because we’ve had that in the past. But the question is whether or not Apple’s actually going to make their own, or they’re going to continue to use something like AMD’s radium 6,800 XT or something like that a mobile version. So whether or not they’re going to use something along those lines or their own chips is yet to be seen, but either way, expect it to be very fast and come as soon as the third quarter of this year.

Now there’s some other news when the Mac books, as well, they’re said to have a brighter and more high contrast display. So like this display, this is fairly bright. The M1 MacBook display, but we could have it transition over too many led, which I’ve been talking about for quite some time, which would make it closer to in HDR display be much brighter, maybe 1000 nits, for example, and help you better edit footage from say an iPhone 12 pro that has full HDR support. So with Dolby vision HDR, having brighter needs, basically for that footage to be edited on, I would love to see that brought over to the Mac books. So expect a larger display.

That’s more edge to edge, but also maybe a much brighter display with mini led on both the 14 and 16 inch. Now the final news with these laptops is that Apple seems to be getting rid of the touch bar. Now this isn’t a big deal to me. I don’t really like the touch bar. I thought it was a good idea, but it seems to not be that great in practice. So I basically use it to turn up and down volume or mute volume and turn the brightness up and down on the displays. So it’s something that I don’t find that I use that much. I thought might be a good idea, but I don’t want to take my, my eyes off the screen when using it, maybe saying, editing, editing a video, and then go back down to the touch bar, back to the screen. It’s just something I don’t find to be very convenient. I’d rather have those physical keys back. And if Apple does switch away from the touch bar, I personally would welcome it. I know there’s a few people that really like it, but it seems to be most people don’t really use it as much as maybe they thought they would.

Now, when we’re talking about the desktop Macs, such as the iMac or Mac pro, Apple’s expected to update those as well. So according to Mark, Gurman the iMac, which has had the same design for many, many years is going to get updated to a different design. It may be closer to that, of what we have with the iPad, where it’s more squared off. We have more squared off designs, a flat back instead of a curved back, and then maybe some ports on the side. We don’t really know any details about it yet, other than that, Apple is going to redesign it and it makes sense. We heard some of this information last year where we thought they’d redesign it, but now that I’m moving to Apple,
Silicon makes sense to wait until they have that design finalized and with the iPad pro you don’t need really any cooling. If you added cooling to it, it would be incredibly fast. And there’s said to be two different versions of 21.5 and 27-inch replacement. So whether or not they’re the same size, it’s hard to say, but also you can expect a reduction of bezels, whether it’s as thin as the iPad or even thinner as hard to say until we see one, but that makes sense. We’ve had this huge chin on the iMac for years and to see them finally redesign, it is going to be welcomed by a lot of people now to go along with the iMac, we may see a less expensive pro display XRD. Now Apple released the pro display XDR, it’s incredible, but it’s also super expensive. So it’s five to $6,000 and then you have to buy a $1,000 stand or a $200 VESA mount adapter.

With standard or Nano texture glass, we’ve got this super expensive display. I could see Apple introducing a 27 inch display that maybe is around one to $2,000 aimed at creative professionals that want to do HDR work or something along those lines, but not six K maybe a 4k display. That’s far less expensive than this incredibly expensive pro display XDR, it’s a beautiful display, but it’s not for most people. That it’s more than the iMac would be. It makes sense that they would introduce a less expensive display to go along with the other thing they’re supposedly going to introduce, which is a smaller Mac pro. Now they’re said to be working on two Mac pros this year, according to Mark Gurman, there’s going to be the similar Mac pro that we have now, along with a mini this mini Mac pro or something along those lines, that would be smaller and more resemble the G4 cube that Apple released many years ago.

Now having the G4 Cube come out with a smaller chip set makes a lot of sense to me, where it would be smaller, be more compact, less upgradable in the future, be less expensive. And then also go along with a less expensive display. That seems to make a lot of sense. And I think we’ll see all of those things later this year, and Apple has said that they’re going to be introducing max within two years with M1 chips in them. We should see most of those things by the end of this year. Now, other than that, the iPad pro of course, is going to get an upgrade and, apparently from the factory of an 11 inch iPad pro it’s very similar to the one I’m holding here. Only it’s said to have a slightly thinner or thinner width and is not as tall.

We may see something like that very soon. And Apple updates, the, the iPad pro every couple of years usually, and it should have a similar design. It should be similarly thin, but like I’ve said in the past with many led new display technology, it should be the first with this display, according to many rumors. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s what Apple does, but I’m looking forward to the next iPad pro. And it’s said to have a huge bump in performance with the next chip set. We’ll have to wait again and see, but I look forward to it nonetheless. And then finally Foxconn is ramping up a factory in Vietnam to most likely build the Mac book and iPad.

We should see that sort of as a move in production, not necessarily having to wait until that factory has done for those new Macs, but it said to be in the work. So it seems like Apple’s moving some things out of China into Vietnam, like many other manufacturers, but then again, you never know what they’re going to do in the future. So that’s it for this week’s news, of course that’s a ton of information and it was really unexpected to see that much at once about max, but I’m looking forward to them.

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