Honor 50 Pro Phone Detailed Review

The Honor 50 Pro has been leaked by various online resources. This handset is said to be launched within the next two weeks at a price of Rs. 52,711 (unofficial). You can purchase this sleek, compact and reasonably priced phone in several color options from any retail store across India. Honor 50 Pro specifications are mentioned below:

Displaying the images on the Honor 50 Pro would be quite an easy job for this handset. It has a QWERTY keyboard and display imaging is excellent. It offers fast charging facility, which allows you to enjoy the high-end performance without being overcharged. It has a clear memory window, and a large font display with fine-touch sensitivity is provided. The Honor 50 Pro also supports a tap to view video option which makes video viewing easier than before. To get the best performance out of your device, Honor recommends turning off the background services and keep the cache enabled so that your device can save data in an optimized manner.

As per the spec sheets provided by online sources, the Honor 50 Pro has been priced at Rs 52k and is made up of a quad-core processor, which is made use of an Adreno Id Field 2.2 processor. This processor has a maximum output of 1.4 GHz and is backed up by the theARMv6 machine code architecture (MDA) , and a Mali-Tango mobile processor. The Honor 50 series also features a hex-core modem, a dual camera module, a digital camera with OIS, and some other add-ons. Apart from these, the Honor 50 Pro also comes with an expandable memory module and runs on a ROM based system.

There is no doubt that Honor has managed to reduce the prices of its phones despite its high specifications. The Honor 50 who are not really a high-end device, but it certainly has high selling prices, especially in comparison with the Android devices running on the same OS. For those who are looking for a good camera setup, and who want to have a multimedia-rich mobile at lower prices, then this could be a good choice. There is no denying that the Honor 50 Pro has all the features one would look for in an excellent smartphone – excellent camera, excellent music features, excellent text and picture messaging, etc.

Weibo community member Fuwei commented,” Honor is the pioneer when it comes to sharing media. Weibo users Honor 50 or beat the latest phones in terms of social networking and connectivity. They always create a high standard and are always very careful about the security of their users. The Honor 50’s camera setup is simply out of this world.” Others were quite impressed with the way Honor 50 Pro allowed them to share their images with the Weibo community.

Another impressed user commented, “The pictures taken by the Honor 50 are simply breathtaking. The photos taken by the camera seem to jump straight to the home page. The camera setup in general is excellent, especially considering how small the whole system is. One thing that I’d love to see on the Honor 50 is some kind of visual indicator that tells me exactly how many pictures are currently stored on the phone.” This is something that we have seen in some of the higher-end Android phones, but this is just one reviewer’s take on this particular feature.

If we look at the Honor 50 Pro’s specs, they don’t feature much new that we haven’t seen in other recent smartphones. For Honor fans, this is a good thing because it means there aren’t any hidden tricks or extra features waiting to be unlocked. However, the Honor 50 Pro does come with one unique feature – an ambient display. While this feature has been around for the better part of three years now, it hasn’t been included in Honor handsets for quite some time. The reason for this is because Google wanted to make sure that this new series of Android smartphones would be equipped with high performance but low power LCD screens. So if you’re looking for an awesome LCD screen, this isn’t the right choice for you.

If you want to check prices for the Honor 50 Pro then you can easily do so online. The best place to find all the latest offers on this device is online. There are tons of stores online that offer free gifts and even PayPal cashback. You’ll also be able to read reviews on any mobile phone you want and if you’re looking for an amazing mobile phone, make sure to check out everything that the Honor 50 Pro has to offer.

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